When it comes to your grocery cart, it's all about choice. 

You choose healthy snacks for your family. You choose balanced nutrition. You choose the freshest food. Heck, sometimes you even choose chocolate cake. Now, you can make a better choice and demand change at WEIS MARKETS.


Demand Change.

Did you know that without even realizing it, you might be choosing to make superbugs - dangerous antibiotic-resistant bacteria - even stronger?

WEIS MARKETS, a regional grocery chain many of us know and love, is selling chicken from Sanderson Farms as its house-brand, which has been criticized by physicians, scientists and other public health professionals for ignoring science and using human antibiotics on their chickens.

The inappropriate use of human antibiotics in agriculture is seen as one of the culprits in the over 2 million illnesses and 23,000 deaths caused by drug-resistant bacteria each year in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

While the two other largest chicken producers in the country have listened to the science and committed to not using human antibiotics, we can’t say the same about Sanderson.

You guessed it. Weis’ chicken supplier, Sanderson Farms, is still hanging on to this outdated practice. Get the facts and demand Weis Markets makes a change.

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Ask Weis to give you
Wise Choices.

We think you should have a choice when it comes to what goes in your shopping cart.

Most importantly, we think you should have the information you need to make it a Wise Choice.

Together let’s ask WEIS MARKETS to make a Wise Choice and take a clear stance on responsible antibiotic use.